Strike System:

     1. General Structure
          1.1 Players start with zero strikes.
          1.2 Each rule violation results in a specific number of strikes.
          1.3 Penalties escalate with each additional strike.
          1.4 Every month, one strike point will be remove from every profile.
          1.5 Upon their first violation, an individual will receive only a warning, irrespective of the infraction's severity, with the exception of offenses categorized as 10 / 11 strike point rules.
          1.6 Breaking a 11-strike point rule will lead to an immediate ban that cannot be appealed.
          1.7 After 5 bans, a player is subject to a permanent ban based on staff vote.
          1.8 The punishment will be based off of the longest / worst punishment.
     2. Strike Levels and Penalties
          2.1 One Strike: 2-Hour Ban
          2.2 Two Strikes: 4-Hour Ban
          2.3 Three Strikes: 8-Hour Ban
          2.4 Four Strikes: 16-Hour Ban
          2.5 Five Strikes: 1-Day Ban
          2.6 Six Strikes: 2-Day Ban
          2.7 Seven Strikes: 4-Day Ban
               2.7.1 If the violation involves significant money exploitation, this may result in a character wipe.
          2.8 Ten Strikes: 7-Day Ban
          2.9 Eleven Strikes: Permanent

1. Staff Conduct and Responsibilities

     1.1 Staff Privacy Compliance
          Description: Staff members are strictly forbidden from engaging in any form of surveillance or monitoring of players' private activities, ensuring a respectful and secure gaming environment.
          Strike Point: 6
     1.2 Staff Rule Adherence
          Description: Staff are expected to set an example for the community by adhering to the same set of rules and guidelines as players, demonstrating fairness and equality.
          Strike Point: 5

2. Gameplay Fairness and Integrity

     2.1 Prohibition of Cheating and Hacking
          Description: The use of unauthorized software, mods, or external aids to gain unfair advantages in gameplay is strictly prohibited to maintain a fair and competitive environment.
          Strike Point: 11
     2.2 Anti-Exploitation Policy
          Description: Exploiting bugs, glitches, or unintended game mechanics for personal gain undermines the game's integrity and is therefore strictly prohibited.
          Strike Point: 7
     2.3 No Powergaming
          Description: Engaging in gameplay that exploits mechanics or glitches to dominate or disadvantage other players is not allowed, including but not limited to flexing your z muscle to get out of lassos.
          Strike Point: 6
     2.4 Metagaming Restriction
          Description: The practice of using out-of-character information or information obtained out-of-character for in-character benefits disrupts the immersive experience and is therefore forbidden.
          Strike Point: 5
     2.5 Fair Play in Important Areas
          Description: Players must not obstruct or restrict access to critical in-game areas, such as pathways, entrances, and crucial structures, to ensure an open and accessible game world for all.
          Strike Point: 4
     2.6 No Abuse of Alert Commands
          Description: Misusing commands intended for alerting law enforcement or medical personnel for personal gain or to manipulate gameplay is strictly prohibited.
          Strike Point: 4
     2.7 Protection of On-Duty Doctors
          Description: To maintain medical response efficiency, on-duty doctors are immune to robbery, except when they deviate from standard procedures and enter unresolved situations.
          Strike Point: 3
     2.8 Combat Logging Prohibition
          Description: Players are required to remain engaged in combat scenarios and may not disconnect or log out to evade gameplay consequences, ensuring a consistent and fair combat experience.
          Strike Point: 5
     2.9 No Fail Roleplay
          Description: Players are expected to consistently and realistically embody their characters, adhering to the game's established rules and world conventions to maintain an immersive experience.
          Strike Point: 4
     2.10 Camping Restrictions
          Description: Setting up camps in or near critical areas like roads, towns, and spawn points is prohibited to avoid disrupting gameplay flow and access to important locations.
          Strike Point: 3
     2.11 Speaking Restriction
          Description: You may not speak while dead, unless a doctor requests for you to speak to them.
          Strike Point: 2
     2.12 Changing Clothes after Robbery
          Description: Maintain current attire for at least 30 minutes after a robbery. You may remove / add clothes just not change outfit.
          Strike Point: 2
     2.13 Character Bleeding
          Description: You must not let your experiences or information from another one of your characters affect any other of your characters. This includes knowing information that only they would know.
          Strike Point: 5
     2.14 Teleport Doors
          Description: You must never go through teleport doors during a chase whether you are chasing or chase-y.
          Strike Point: 3
     2.15 NVL
          Description: Your character must value their life in accordance to how one would realistically value their life.
          Strike Point: 4

3. Player Respect and Behavior

     3.1 Respectful Communication
          Description: Players are required to maintain a respectful and civil demeanor in all interactions, both in-game and in community channels, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.
          Strike Point: 3
     3.2 No Harassment or Discrimination
          Description: Engaging in any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior based on personal attributes such as race, gender, religion, or orientation is unacceptable and strictly forbidden.
          Strike Point: 10
     3.3 Anti-Trolling and Griefing Measures
          Description: Deliberate actions aimed at disrupting or negatively impacting other players' roleplay experiences, such as trolling, griefing, or interrupting ongoing scenarios, are prohibited.
          Strike Point: 5
     3.4 Communication Etiquette
          Description: All forms of communication, including text and voice chat, must be conducted in a respectful and civil manner, avoiding personal attacks, insults, or aggressive behavior.
          Strike Point: 3
     3.5 Proper Use of Alert Commands
          Description: The "/alertdoctor" command should be used appropriately, with players waiting for medical assistance instead of respawning, ensuring realistic and immersive gameplay.
          Strike Point: 2
     3.6 Prohibited Roleplay Scenarios
          Description: Specific scenarios and play-styles, including explicit actions, supernatural elements, and forced work systems, are not permitted to maintain player comfort.
          Strike Point: 6

4. Server Management and Disputes

     4.1 Staff Decision Respect
          Description: Players are required to respect and comply with the decisions made by server staff, addressing any disagreements or concerns through appropriate channels.
          Strike Point: 4
     4.2 Discord Names
          Description: Your Discord name must match your main character utilized in the server. This includes first and last name. ex. "John Doe". You may include your P.O. number if you wish.
          Strike Point: 1

5. Roleplay Realism

     5.1 Realism in Roleplay
          Description: Players are expected to engage in roleplay that reflects a realistic portrayal of their characters, including appropriate actions, dialogue, and adherence to the character's background.
          Strike Point: 3
     5.2 Future Roleplay
          Description: Players may not pretend that they are from the future or know things about the future.
          Strike Point: 2

6. Out-of-Character Interactions

     6.1 OOC Interaction Limitations
          Description: Going out-of-character during gameplay is restricted, permitted only in specific situations as requested by staff, to preserve the immersive roleplaying environment.
          Strike Point: 2
     6.2 Roleplay Consistency and Scene Integrity
          Description: It is essential for players to maintain character consistency and scene integrity during roleplay scenes to preserve the narrative and enhance the immersive experience.
          Strike Point: 3

7. Consent and Comfort in Roleplay

     7.1 Consent Requirement for Sensitive Roleplay
          Description: Prior consent is mandatory for engaging in any roleplay scenario that could be considered uncomfortable, distressing, or explicit, ensuring a safe and respectful gaming experience.
          Strike Point: 6
     7.2 ERP Regulations
          Description: Erotic Role Play (ERP) is permissible only in private settings between consenting adult players, respecting community standards and personal boundaries.
          Strike Point: 5
     7.3 Significant Roleplay Action Consent
          Description: Consent from involved players is required before initiating major roleplay actions that significantly impact their gameplay or character narrative.
          Strike Point: 4
     7.4 Respect for Player Boundaries
          Description: Players must honor and respect each other's boundaries in roleplay, particularly regarding sensitive or potentially triggering topics, and adjust the scenario if discomfort is expressed.
          Strike Point: 5
     7.5 Consent Communication Channels
          Description: Designated channels, such as out-of-character chat, should be used for clearly communicating consent or lack thereof during roleplay interactions.
          Strike Point: 2

8. Combat and Conflict Rules

     8.1 Prohibition of Random Deathmatching (RDM)
          Description: Engaging in combat or killing other players without a valid in-character reason is strictly forbidden to ensure meaningful interactions.
          Strike Point: 7
     8.2 Ban on Vehicle Deathmatching (VDM)
          Description: Using vehicles as weapons without a valid roleplay reason is strictly prohibited to maintain realistic in-game behavior.
          Strike Point: 7
     8.3 Body Dumping Restrictions
          Description: Disposal of bodies is not allowed, except under mutually agreed permanent character kill scenarios, to uphold game integrity.
          Strike Point: 4
     8.4 Hogtie Escape Rules
          Description: Players in hogties cannot break hogties until they have been left alone for at least 1 minute, to ensure fairness.
          Strike Point: 3
     8.5 Combat Engagement Cooldown
          Description: After engaging in combat, players must observe a 45-minute cooldown before entering another combat scenario.
          Strike Point: 3
     8.6 Mandatory Vocal Roleplay in Combat
          Description: Vocal roleplay is required for all parties before initiating combat, to provide context and enhance the roleplay experience.
          Strike Point: 3
     8.7 Assassinations
          Description: An assassination is shooting someone in the game without talking to them first, but you MUST have OOC permission from the victim. You must build a story with several scenes.
          Strike Point: 6
     8.8 Max Combat Cap
          Description: You may not exceed 6 players per side in any combat situation. If so, the 7th or greater player(s) must sit out. Does not affect law.
          Strike Point: 2.

9. Gangs, Groups, and Crime

     9.1 Gang Membership Cap
          Description: Gangs are capped at 12 members, including online and offline participants, to maintain game balance and social order.
          Strike Point: 3
     9.2 Restriction on Weapon Theft During Robberies
          Description: Players are limited to stealing only one gun during robberies, and only if there is more than one gun.
          Strike Point: 4
     9.3 Mandatory Crime Cooldown Period
          Description: Players must observe a 45-minute cooldown between committing any crimes, preventing excessive criminal activity. (Chain Robbing)
          Strike Point: 4
     9.4 Crime Buffer around Server Restarts
          Description: A 15-minute buffer before and after server restarts is required when engaging in crime, to prevent exploitation of server states.
          Strike Point: 4
     9.5 Gang War Engagement Rules
          Description: Gang wars require official recognition, mutual consent, and adherence to specific rules such as territory and uniform decisions. To initiate a group/gang war, the following steps must be followed:
          9.5.1 Gain official recognition as a group/gang.
          9.5.2 Open a gang ticket, and add the enemy group(s) to it.
          9.5.3 Once mutual consent is reached, each group has chosen a territory, and each group has decided on their specific colors/outfit, proceed to the next step.
          9.5.4 One player from each group will meet and initiate the war in-character.
          9.5.5 Combat Rules During Gang Wars:
          9.5.6 Only official group members are permitted to participate in combat during a Gang War.
          9.5.7 A group may use all of their members in combat.
          9.5.9 To initiate combat with another group, some vocal roleplay by all parties involved is required.
          9.5.10 Combat cooldowns will be extended to 1 hour instead of 45 minutes.
          9.5.11 All members of a group must wear their group's specified colors/outfit AT ALL TIMES!
          Strike Point: 5
     9.6 Robbing While in a Menu
          Description: You may not rob someone while they are stuck in a menu.
          Strike Points: 4
     9.7 Train Robbery Requirements
          Description: When robbing the train, you must stay with the train until it de-spawns.
          Strike Point: 3
     9.8 Player Robbery Durring POI Robbery
          Description: When robbing a poi (point of interest), the robbers are not allowed to rob any other players as this breaks the crime cooldown.
          Strike Point: 4
     9.9 Robbery and Murder
          Description: It is prohibited to simultaneously rob and kill a person; one may either rob or kill, but not both actions together.
          Strike Point: 3
     9.10 Using Friends as Hostages
          Description: Using friends or acquaintances as hostages is prohibited.
          Strike Point: 1
     9.11 Robbing Horses
          Description: You may not rob someone and their horse / wagon. You must only rob either player or the horse / wagon.
          Strike Point: 2

10. Respawning and Memory Rules

     10.1 Memory Loss Upon Respawn
          Description: Following a player vs player death, characters should not recall the specifics of their demise or identify their killer, though they may remember events leading up to it.
          Strike Point: 2
     10.2 Revival Memory Rules
          Description: Characters revived by medical personnel should similarly not remember the specifics of their death or assailant, aligning with realistic consequences and narrative progression.
          Strike Point: 2
     10.3 Post-Respawn Engagement Rules
          Description: Players are restricted from re-engaging in activities or scenarios that led to their character's death, ensuring logical and consistent storylines.
          Strike Point: 2
     10.4 Active Scene Respawn Rules
          Description: Players must not respawn during ongoing active scenes, allowing scenarios to conclude naturally and respecting the narrative experience of all involved.
          Strike Point: 2

11. Business and Economic Roleplay

     11.1 Business Operation and Quotas
          Description: Business owners should replenish stock twice weekly. Repeated non-compliance—either two consecutive weeks or four overall—risks business repossession and auction.
          Strike Point: 2
     11.2 Roleplay Participation in Business
          Description: Business owners must actively participate in roleplay within their stores. Lack of participation can lead to repossession and auctioning of the business.
          Strike Point: 2
     11.3 Ethical Business Practices
          Description: Fair and ethical conduct is expected in all business operations, ensuring a level playing field and fostering a healthy in-game economy.
          Strike Point: 3
     11.4 Weekly Business Claim
          Description: Owners must weekly claim their business on the designated platform to confirm active operation.
     11.5 Business Product Limitation
          Description: Businesses must only sell items relevant to their type (e.g., tobacco shops sell only tobacco products, general stores exclude blacksmith items).
          Strike Point: 1
     11.6 Business Employee Limit
          Description: A business cannot hire more than 4 employees.
          Strike Point: 1
     11.7 Posters
          Description: Posters are limited to 3 in county, and 1 per town. This applies to each specific advertisement.
          Strike Point: 1
     11.8 Business Ownership Limitation
          Description: You may only own 1 business. However, each character may work for a max of 2 businesses.
          Strike Point: 1

12. Camps and Housing Rules

     12.1 Camps
          Description: Camps must not be placed on roads, legendary spawns, property of other players without permission, resource spots and any buyers/sellers outside of towns. Unfit Camps will be deleted.
          Strike Point: 2
     12.2 Houses
          Description: Limit of one walk-in house per player, regardless of multiple characters. Teleporter houses allowed on other characters.
          Strike Point: 2